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Slowly Slowly

Eventually with time Even the dismissed radicals break through the mists of official obfuscation. In their own words – the truth or facts of the matter emerge

Ain’t This a Bleedin’ Change?

Tim Worstall comments on the reality of Bangladesh Ain’t This A Bleedin’ Change? The country is moving ahead to become a strong economy in the next decade, with its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reaching the $465-billion mark in 2022. Bangladesh…

Swedish Rules

Here is just a couple of things that we might consider for our Politicians, even before we think about the Public service and the Beaurocrats

Food for thought – Electoral College

39 seconds to understanding Courtesy of Ralph A really good reason the Electoral College has its place in our process of selecting a President for OUR Country!!!!  Too bad it’s not taught in our schools.  I thought you’d find this…

Cancel Culture Reality

Clear and unequivical Realitycoming soon to a country near you! It is always strange that many of the socialist luvvies simply can’t understand the role they played in their own version of Apocolypse Now as they ignore the history of…