The Clarity of Crisis

If You don’t know where you are going then any road will do.

However, if you wish to proceed by plotting a course it certainly helps if you know where you want to go and when you want to get there and how you will travel.

This crisis has clarified what in most peoples minds is important and what is not. It has also clarified for most people that many issues previously debated were indulgences of complacent society and represented the decadent polity that entertained them.

With Clarity Comes Reason

Many of the Debates are Over

H/T David Evans on a report from Instapundit

The debate over immigration is over: restriction wins.

The debate over borders is over: they are needed.

The debate over globalization is over: the era of autarky begins.

The debate over Europe is over: it is a geographic expression, not a polity.

The debate over global warming is over: it is irrelevant.

The debate over international institutions is over: only nations matter.

The debate over the People’s Republic of China is over: it is a menace to the community of nations, not a member in good standing.

Crisis is clarity.

This has been an era of clarification