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Bushfire Facts


Facts are neither right-wing, left-wing or factional, they are a bare statement of the matter; they belong to no-one.

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence”- John Adams

There should be no disagreement about the following are facts

Is the climate changing?

Yes, just as it has done for millennia.

Does Climate change cause bushfires?

No, just as every Royal commission and investigation in this and the past century have determined and even longer historically by observation, written records, and anecdotally from people on the land.

See this quick lesson on Astrophysics that many of us learned in school (a while ago) when it was still in the curriculum and now appears to have been forgotten by the activists and alarmists who believe it is CO2 rather than the Sun influencing minor change.

Is there a Primary cause or causes for the intensity of both the present and recent conflagrations?

Yes. Principally they fall into three areas

Ineptitude and Ignorance of State Government bureaucrats and politicians.

Subscription to popular nostrums from Green, Labor, and Lino fellow travelers of plausible-sounding assertions which, if repeated often enough, can take on a life of their own and lead eventually to the damaging policy changes we have witnessed.

The absorption of specialist agencies into larger centralised and politicised departments with the subsequent loss of expertise and capability inherent in any government undertaking that is removed from the people and the area of its responsibility.

Essentially they have ignored:

  • Millennia of knowledge about how to manage the Australian landscape.
  • Decades of research and experience that has demonstrated that fuel reduction by prescribed burning under mild conditions is the only proven, practical method to enable safe and efficient control of high-intensity forest fires.
  • The experts who pointed out that each area of forest needs to be burned off every five to ten years to prevent excessive fuel loads and to take seriously the need to deal in proper fuel reduction, including the refusal to do prescribed-burning – or enough of it.
  • The diaries from early explorers such as Abel Tasman (1642) and Captain Cook (1770) who learned that Aboriginals lit fires at any time, for many reasons, and never tried to put them out.
  • Early white explorers and settlers ­who recorded the smoke and the blackened tree trunks while admiring extensive grasslands, either treeless or with well-spaced trees, and no tangled undergrowth of dead grass, brambles, branches, and weeds.
  • Successive Royal Commission’s recommendations for prescribed burning and reduction of fuel loads.

The departments have, in general, subscribed and succumbed to Green, Labor and Lino nostrums of feelings over facts and either adopted or absorbed the social media myths of feelings promulgated without evidence.

The study of history is a powerful antidote to contemporary arrogance. It is humbling to discover how many of our glib assumptions, which seem to us novel andplausible, have been tested before, not once but many times and in innumerable guises; and discovered to be, at great human cost, wholly false.”— Paul Johnson

The prominent Myths that prevail are:

  • Because of global warming, Australia will be increasingly subject to uncontrollable holocaust-like “mega-fires”.
  • Fuel reduction by prescribed burning must cease because it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thus exacerbating global warming and the occurrence of mega-fires.
  • That many ground-dwelling animals and threatened species use tree hollows for nesting, so when fallen trees and deadwood is taken illegally or burnt it destroys their habitat. This fallen timber is part of these animals’ natural ecosystem.
  • Banning of Native Timber logging and the locking up of Crown Lands to both Industry and Agriculture and restricting Recreational activities is necessary to preserve the pristine wilderness as promulgated by the ACF.
  • That water bombers and new technology will replace time tested and proven methodology of dealing with bushfires and taxpayers should provide the extra resources wished for.

The Loss of Expertise and Capability

The loss of function and expertise continues apace from the new mega departments to the core beliefs that drive the city-centric metropolitan public servants that now inhabit these dysfunctional entities imbued with pious feelings and green doctrines that trees are sacred.

History tells us that from 1983 when the new mega-department of Conservation, Forests and Lands, which subsumed existing departments of Forestry, Crown Lands and Surveying, the Department of Planning and the Department of Conservation that the Victorian Forests Commission was dissolved.

Joan Kirner was the first minister and a subsequent Premier of Victoria who removed the chief of the Forests Commission and fired or retrenched the people who had served in the top three layers of the Forests Commission. She appointed as head of the new department, an unknown figure from the UK, who was outspoken in his hostility to foresters and forestry, and he, in turn, appointed hardline greens as senior officials in the department.

The Victorian Forests Commission had a history going back to its establishment in 1918 and had built up a culture of expertise in forest management and knowledge of local terrain and silviculture that extended deep into the domain of Victoria’s forests. Respected internationally it was then lost to political doctrinaire panderings and accommodations of the Labor Party.

So the logging and timber industry has now been targeted by the Greens for extinction, and yes, that is the popular view, but Liberals must remember that the Labor Party is the real opposition and in this case, the enemy, that through simple ideological mismanagement and neglect of its responsibilities to the People has been a major contributor to the ferocity of the fires. The Liberal Party must also share the blame for not correcting or repealing the laws and regulations that have allowed the bush to become extremely dangerous and unmanageable.

It was Labor party which instigated promoted and created the new mega departments and “politically correct” appointments of public servants that heralded the demise of expertise, time-proven and hard-learned policies and methods of dealing with the bushfires.

For those readers who still think that a poofteenth or 400 parts per million, or 0.04% of the atmosphere of a trace gas that feeds all life on the planet at sea Level (remembering that Co2 is heavier than air) these videos might help you put your thoughts in perspective.

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