Cancel Culture Reality

Clear and unequivical Realitycoming soon to a country near you!

It is always strange that many of the socialist luvvies simply can’t understand the role they played in their own version of Apocolypse Now as they ignore the history of both socialism and western democracy and the attendant institution decline to which the antidote of Trump is now being applied. That would presuppose that they read the article.

Perhaps in the Disney version of World leadership, Wendy can wish upon a star and have us believe that in their Tomorrowland Castro’s little boy will only dress up as a Canadian PM instead of everyone else’s, the mummy’s boy aka French President will say something that we can understand, Boris will bumble into achieving Brexit by mistake because he thinks he is classically smarter. Meanwhile Scomo the Skippy wakes up to the Frogs and gets out of Subs and Paris. The Kiwi Shiela welcomes the USN and to top it off Kanye gets elected and the Kardashians will have a great big tits and arse party for the inauguration.