Another Milo Moment – from VicPol

‘We will get on top of this problem

POLICE are calling for calm following a surge in home invasions and car jackings, as footage emerges of a brazen theft of luxury cars at Point Cook. Victorian police have urged people to tighten home security as they vow to stop the surge in car-jackings and home invasions.

Herald Sun Online July 12 July 2016

Guys this is what we pay you for, as well as the courts and the immigration department to protect us from. It should not be up to us to lock ourselves inside and cower away in our homes. Protection is now your job given that you have:

  •  taken away our means of protection
  •  and prosecute the victims if they try to protect themselves their family or their property

and then if,  and its a big if, you catch them they are given a trivial sentence, not deported, or excused as following their culture. Time to realise not all cultures are equal and some are only fit for study in a Petri dish.

I’m doing my job, Time you did yours.

FFS Milo give me Strength