The Aftermath – Reality Bites

Note that the Telegraph is reporting that the sky hasn’t fallen, armageddon has been postponed and the FTSE 100 finishes the week up more than 2pc after recovering from 8.7pc drop . Score: Media&Pundits 0 Yeomen&Freemen 10

Theodore Dalrymple writes on Brexit as the fog clears;

For a long time, Britons who wanted their country to leave the European Union were regarded almost as mentally ill by those who wanted it to stay. The leavers didn’t have an opinion; they had a pathology. Since one doesn’t argue with pathology, it wasn’t necessary for the remainers to answer the leavers with more than sneers and derision.

Even after the vote, the attitude persists. Those who voted to leave are described as, ipso facto, small-minded, xenophobic, and fearful of the future. Those who voted to stay are described as, ipso facto, open-minded, cosmopolitan, and forward-looking. The BBC itself suggested as much on its website. In short, the desire to leave was a return to the insularity that resulted in the famous—though apocryphal—newspaper headline: fog in the channel: continent cut off.

Excellent discussion with Stefan Molyneux and Paul Watson on the Brexit as only the first steps in the reclaiming freedom and self determination

A previous conversation that better explains the clear and present danger of Muslim immigration in Europe and in passing many of the other dangers that are politely not discussed with the people. Reality bites and the question for Australia is anyone even looking?