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I read it in the Paper – It must be true

It has always been expected of politicians, just seldom investigated by journalists. The ubiquity of the Internet has allowed ordinary citizens (those not in the ruling elite) to have their own means to evaluate the elites propaganda, for propaganda it is, because they don’t allow facts to influence the story being peddled within their symbiotic relationships.

Exibit 1 The Wall Street Journal

Exhibit 2

Senator John McCain doesn’t seem to be able to tell right from left and that’s just his politics.

It seems he also has a boot on the wrong foot


The Prosecution Rests


Britain hasn’t been invaded since 1066, Until Now! It’s response? Same as in 1935.

Which , in case you went to school recently and didn’t get taught history, was cowardly appeasement of Hitler’s invasions of nearby countries. This was ignominiously announced as “peace in our time” by the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain when he…